27th June 2017

3.4 creative writing

  • 600 words minimum
  • pick a genre
  • theme of control

talk heaps about setting with plot included- crucial to nail setting



nazi germany

genre/title: Historical Drama. “The not so lucky ones”

what happens in chapter 1- the day before the hide out and the beginning of the hide out. describing life from the point of view of a Jewish girl and the harsh reality they live within.

  • the normality of life been taken away
  • the risk and fear they hold within everyday life
  • being captured

point of view: 17 year old Jewish girl, living during the Nazi World war. Living in freedom, hideout and captivity.

first sentence:

details of setting: Late October autumn moving into winter as the months of hide out continue. Amsterdam, Germany. Sunny, to rain and snowfalls.

initial incident: Adolf Hitler taking power over Germany. discrimination against jews and killing off the unwanted race,

central character

name- Adara

considered apprearance- brown hair pinned back at either side /brown eyes

dress- a black knee length skirt, tidy light blue dress jacket with four buttons. dark brown leather shoes with a solo strap open top with covered toes. and white socks slighty above the ankle with a frilly rim.

chapter 2:

Adara ends up in a concentration camp separated from her family, initially. after time she runs into her younger sister, Adara gets deported to another concentration camp where she and a young Nazi guard fall for each other




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